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Q & A

Our experience is that the CROSSHAIRTM has exceptional weather-resistant properties. The Aluminum tabletop will virtually never degrade, and the powder paint will last approximately 5 times longer than most wet applied paints. The legs are steel tubing, coated with powder paint, and should provide decades of service if reasonable care is taken.

This bench should last decades and be something handed down to the next generation of shooters.

As many as you would like, except they are purchased separately, OR, any Accessory Package can be ordered at any time. The basic table does not include any accessory package as part of the basic cost.

Yes! We are continually coming up with new ideas for accessory packages. The ones shown on this website are currently in production, with more to come. (Share your ideas).

The CROSSHAIRTM shooting bench design has the feel of a top-grade commercial (Park) picnic table that has welded steel tubing for legs and aluminum planking for a tabletop.

Yes. But more than likely, you will need the “48” add-on plank” accessory package. To extend the front of the table, you can purchase an extra 48” plank that can be attached to the front of the table and then attach the normal 24” plank to that 48” plank. This adds almost ten inches to the tabletop to provide an overall table depth of nearly 49”.

Yes…..You will need to purchase the accessory Package with the 48” add-on plank.

The basic CROSSHAIRTM shooting bench has a 3-year warranty against all parts and quality of workmanship. Paint is guaranteed for 1 year (except for scratches and other normal wear and tear). Accessory packages have a one-year guarantee against parts and workmanship.

No. Accessory packages are just that, packages. All or nothing.

We are the manufacturer, and we sell direct to the end-user for the time being. We are considering dealers but have not moved in that direction just yet. Call us at +1 (800) 525-8580.

Normally on orders of just one table, we will ship UPS. However, at the customer’s request, we will ship multiple orders simultaneously by freight truck if the larger shipment will ship for less than if the same was shipped through UPS.

We carry this product in stock. It will ship 3 to 5 business days and normally be delivered in approximately 4 working days or less anywhere in the USA.

It’s claimed that Henry Ford said, “You can get a Model “T” in any color you want as long as it is “black.” The same goes for the CROSSHAIRTM shooting bench. Any color as long as the benchtop and seat are “Desert Storm” and the support frame is “Black.”

Nothing quite matches the durability of the CROSSHAIRTM. One of the largest shooting ranges in the USA (Just outside of Colorado Springs) started with 4 tables and now has purchased over 70 benches in the last two to three years for their outdoor ranges.

Here in Kansas, we get our share of WIND, to say the least. The CROSSHAIRTM hangs right in place even during 40 mph winds without needing any anchors.
Of course…………we haven’t tested it in a Tornado yet!

On grass, one person can drag the table without much effort. For long hauls, we suggest the Tow package that can be hitched onto any light utility vehicle.

It will fit easily in any pick-up truck that you can carry four-foot-wide sheets of wood products. Heck, it even fits in the bed of a Chevy or Dodge. Dare I say; it even does in my Tacoma?